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Akademik Fyodorov Ship Engine Breakdown Removed

26.07.2007 11:58
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Malfunction of the marine propelling screw’s electric motor on the Akademik Fyodorov motor ship due to which it had to drift in the Barents Sea has been removed. The vessel is continuing the voyage to the North Pole, a duty officer of the Murmansk port supervision service told Itar-Tass.

According to the port supervision service, the ship’s crew has coped with the engine breakdown on their own before the Rossiya nuclear-powered icebreaker that was called for help approached it. The Rossiya is supporting the expedition in its work in the Arctic ice. At 02:00 a.m., Thursday, the icebreaker met with the Akademik Fyodorov and together with it started a voyage towards the Franz Josef Land archipelago. According to the plan, they will make a stopover there in order to make a training dive on the Mir deep-submergence vehicles at a depth of 1.5 kilometres.

Neither the regional emergencies service nor the traffic control room of the Murmansk Shipping Company have provided any information as of 07:00 a.m. The motor ship and the icebreaker have also given no reports.

The weather is favourable for the expedition’s crew work. According to the Murmansk meteorologists, the wind in the expedition area has subsided, there is fog, but it is not an impediment to the expedition. The voyage continues.

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